TRACQS participant Kain using a forklift
TRACQS Participant, Kain

Our goal at TRACQS is to secure a better future for the next generation of Australians.  

For Kain, his aim was to secure a job working in the great outdoors.  

By working with TRACQS, Kain received education and training and gained practical experience that helped to secure him employment.  

More importantly, Kain received a boost to his skills and confidence that has made his family proud.  

Kain’s journey with TRACQS began in July 2019.  

Showing a genuine interest in landscaping and property maintenance from his first appointment, Kain was an active participant in the TRACQS Activity at Kowrowa Property Maintenance and became familiar with a daily work routine.  

Under the guidance and mentorship of his supervisor, Kain was upskilled in the use of power tools, small motors and construction and maintenance. He obtained his Blue Card with the help of TRACQS in order to apply for work. 

TRACQS participant Kain working with a power tool inside of a warehouse

Through monthly contact appointments with his case manager, it was clear that Kain was motivated to undertake further education and develop his skillset to help gain employment in his chosen field.  

Kain’s high-level communication skills, presentation and positive attitude towards work experience and training made him an ideal candidate for a traineeship in the local area. 

Seeking the right experience, TRACQS reached out to Mick Dowling at Speewah Farmall (an outdoor supply store specialising in agricultural products) to discuss potential opportunities for Kain. 

Thanks to TRACQS’ Post-Placement Support and Employer Incentives, Australian Training Works (ATW), and VTEC contract and mentoring, Kain secured employment as a full-time warehousing trainee in late July under the supervision of Mick himself. 

As part of his additional Post-Placement Support, Kain was provided with work boots and trousers as part of his personal protection equipment for his new traineeship.  

Kain was off to a great start and Mick was committed to working in partnership to help Kain learn and grow through his traineeship. Mick provided Kain with one-on-one dedicated training while working in-store. He also requested assistance from TRACQS and ATW to help Kain acquire his drivers’ licence, forklift and chainsaw tickets as well as his own tools to increase his capabilities and hours of work.  

Kain shared that he is loving his job and learning lots of new skills and is attending work every day.  

Mick has also provided great feedback, affirming that Kain is a perfect fit for the role, his hours will continue, and he is happy with his performance. 

TRACQS participant Kain standing outside his workplace

Kain is no longer on allowance and is doing well six months down the track. He’s excited to be heading down to Sydney with his dad to attend a concert, which he said would not have been possible without his paid employment.  

The next step for Kain is to obtain his provisional licence which he says will give him the freedom and take some pressure off his family. 

Kain’s key facts 

  • Kain and his employer achieved a successful employment outcome thanks to the collaborative support of TRACQS’ CDP, VTEC through the Far North Queensland VTEC provider, and Australian Training Works (ATW), a 100% Indigenous-owned and operated registered Group Training Organisation and Labour Hire business. The support from these programs not only assisted Kain but also his employer Speewah Farmall in achieving this successful employment outcome 
  • The opportunity for Speewah Farmall to provide full-time employment to Kain was supported by the employer being able to access the CDP wage subsidy 
  • Further Australian Government support was provided through the services of the ASN provider as Kain is completing a Certificate III in Warehousing traineeship. 

This case study demonstrates how a collaborative approach utilising Australian Government support programs can result in successful employment outcomes for participants, job seekers and employers. 

Photography Credit

TRACQS Kuranda Photography
Greg Hillman (Supervisor) Headshots and Damian Banson (Participant)

TRACQS participant Kain smiling and working at the register