For years, Damian had an active role at work, by earning a crust as a truck driver and as a labourer, just to name a few. Unfortunately, Damian sustained an injury to his neck which affected the use of his left arm.

As a result, looking for alternative employment options had become extremely difficult.

At TRACQS, we aim to be as accommodating as possible to all our participants.

When Damian was referred to us through our services for CDP, he teamed up with our Employment Consultants who worked with Damian to discuss low impact, appropriate and alternative methods that would enable him to make an active contribution to his community.  

After initial consultations with our team, Damian was paired up with TRACQS Kuranda Photography, who provide participants with the ability to learn and develop photography skills.

Although cautious of his injury, Damian was excited to begin the activity, and to his surprise, he had a knack for it. After a couple of sessions, his involvement sparked a passion in him that he didn’t know he had.

Damian’s new-found enjoyment of photography now sees him attending over and above his scheduled hours and assisting his supervisor with his weekend shoots. He has gained valuable knowledge and creative drive and has become a valued and well-loved member of the activity, with him even assisting other participants.

During his time at TRACQS Kuranda Photography, Damian worked closely with TRACQS Activity Supervisor Greg, who has watched Damian learn, gain confidence and find his passion.

“Damian is a proactive member of the activity, always keen to learn and try new methods. He is very generous with his time and predicts what is required and has the task in hand before I even ask the question,” said Greg.

Being a part of TRACQS Kuranda Photography activity has given Damian an outlet; which once felt unattainable for Damian because of his physical health.

Now, Damian feels he has a place to belong, where he can excel in something he cares about.

“Kuranda photography has provided me with the opportunity and given me the freedom to explore and indulge in my creative side,” explained Damian.

We’re so happy to see another participant finding enjoyment and inclusivity within the Community Development Program

Further Information

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