Since August 2023, TRACQS has partnered with Djabugay Aboriginal Corporation to deliver meaningful job opportunities to TRACQS participants.

Through the National Indigenous Australians Agency’s Community Development Program: Community Projects Initiative, TRACQS and Djabugay connect TRACQS CDP participants to opportunities across the Western Tablelands of Far North Queensland.

Since the partnership’s commencement, TRACQS has facilitated the employment of 18 TRACQS participants with Djabugay 17 of these are still employed through the project today, with one participant transitioning to full-time employment as a Ranger.

To support participants’ continued employment, TRACQS has assisted with training opportunities, transportation, referrals to relevant services, well-being check-ins, mentoring, and post-placement support. The TRACQS team has maintained regular communication with Djabugay, which has proven invaluable in ensuring the focus remains on supporting participants.

Before being connected to opportunities with Djabugay, most participants had little to no long-term employment experience. The opportunities this partnership has created for TRACQS CDP participants have assisted in developing their training, experience, and skill sets and building their confidence and job readiness to remain with Djabugay or pursue future employment.

Djabugay is also committed to protecting First Nations cultures, with most participants being local Djabugay people of Far North Queensland. Djabugay is taking active steps to support the continuation of culture, mainly by including a weekly cultural day in their work schedule. On this day, participants are encouraged to develop their understanding and connection to the country and their people. They learn skills that will assist them in the workplace and in life, such as building confidence, communication, resilience, responsibility, reliability, and honesty while learning language and culture through traditional methods. Including Elders being onsite.

Michelle Wenden, Office Manager for Djabugay Aboriginal Corporation, shared her enthusiasm for this collaboration,

“TRACQS’ ability to think outside the square with us on this project has allowed us the scope to develop a program rich in culture and powerful in opportunity. We have grown together as facilitators and had nearly 100% staff retention over the past 8 months. This is testimony to TRACQS and us in supporting these participants.

Djabugay is very proud of the achievements and the difference this project makes in people’s lives. We are immensely proud of the participants who attend each week and the effort they are making to improve their lives.”

TRACQS General Manager Michael Phillips shared,

“This is a great example of a collaborative and meaningful partnership that has benefited the community by designing a project that delivers on culture and connection to country while developing skills and providing real employment opportunities to TRACQS participants on Djabugay country.”

TRACQS will continue to work closely with Djabugay and other community organisations to help more participants prepare for and gain meaningful employment.