TRACQS Job Placement Officer Donna

With a lot of ambition and enthusiasm, Donna is not one to let an opportunity pass her by!    

With plenty of life experience, including travelling and working in India between 2015 – 2016, our Job Placement Officer, Donna, has undoubtedly had an exciting work life.     

After receiving her certificate in Youth Work, Donna started working to support young people with separated parents.    

Continuing her studies, she completed a Degree in Social Work, which led her to move to Darwin, where she worked with men in Mining and Construction, providing education and support in Mental Health and Suicide prevention.     

During her time in India, Donna was able to set up a program through researching and familiarising herself with the stigma, social views, perceptions and gaps in India’s mental health services. Donna’s program became a 27-module training package, that was delivered across schools in India to help break the stigma associated with mental health and disability. 

It’s Donna’s caring and hardworking nature that has led her to now be a part of our incredible TRACQS team.     

Continuing her love for helping individuals and families, Donna’s role as a Job Placement Officer allows her to meet jobseekers and employers and bring the two together. Part of her role also involves providing post-placement support for our participants.   

Although a new addition to the team, Donna has already made a positive impact on the community, by making our participants goals more achievable.