Throughout his productive career and for those who know him well, he’s often been the man behind the lens.

Yet, his recent exposure to teaching and skills development means that he has turned to budding mentor for local enthusiasts keen to explore their creative passion through photography.

Greg is our Activity Supervisor for TRACQS Kuranda Photography, an activity through our services for the Community Development Program (CDP).

Born and bred in Adelaide, Greg’s career has been quite the story and began by completing an apprenticeship as a Tiler. He then moved to Cairns, where he would soon discover what would become his ultimate lifelong passion, photography.

To further pursue and chase the dream of becoming a professional photographer, he moved back to Adelaide. He got his foot in the door of the industry by doing custom colour enlargements. Eventually, he became the head technician of a department responsible for up to wall size enlargements for professional photographers.

” This was the base for my training in all aspects of photography, I was fortunate enough to have the guidance from some of the best photographers at the time,” says Greg.

He then took up a role in 2011 in Papua New Guinea as a Tiling Manager. The role was to oversee all tiling works on the developments and train a PNG national workforce to do the work. It was a very rewarding and memorable experience which lasted over five years until returning to Australia.

His time abroad in Papua New Guinea had given Greg an appreciation of teaching, which he found very rewarding. Upon his arrival back to Australia, he became aware of the Community Development Program (CDP). He then submitted a proposal to teach photography and editing skills to the local provider at the time.

At Kuranda Photography, their role is to teach local job seekers photography and post-editing skills in an engaging social environment.

Photography by Damian, TRACQS CDP Participant

Kuranda Photography also supports the local community wherever possible and cover and document local events for the Kuranda Paper as well as local social media pages.

My aim is to share my photography skills with our participants to the best of my ability. The pride and satisfaction photography gives to the participants is very rewarding and helps to boost their confidence and self- esteem.

Greg, Activity Supervisor – TRACQS Kuranda Photography