TRACQS Compliance Officer, Jeremy.

At TRACQS, our team is filled with diverse individuals from all walks of life.

Like Jeremy for example, who is from the home of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Bourbon, and horse racing.

Growing up in the US state of Kentucky, Jeremy obtained his Bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology from Eastern Kentucky University, and an Associate of Science in Medical Assisting from National American University. 

Before making the decisions to come to our beautiful country, Jeremy worked in Kentucky for five years as a Clinical Services Technician.

When Jeremy did make the move to Australia, he started in the Northern Territory, developing his skills as an Employment Consultant in the area.

Now, we’re lucky enough to have him as our Compliance Officer!

As a Compliance Officer, Jeremy’s role involves completing Community Development Program (CDP) compliance tasks. He also works on activity schedules for Work for the Dole (WFD) and helps to maintain valid reason reports, to ensure our participants are not being penalised unnecessarily.

What Jeremy enjoys most about his job, is getting to work alongside our amazing team and having the ability to assist them to benefit our participants.

Jeremy is well-loved here at TRACQS, as he brings a lot of enthusiasm to the role. If you ever see Jeremy around the TRACQS office, be sure to give him a friendly hello!