We recently caught up with Raya, our Employment Consultant based in Kuranda, QLD. Here we get an insight into her life with the TRACQS team and her admirable career pathway that has stemmed from local opportunities across Northern Queensland and a passion for helping people across our community.

Welcome Raya, tell us a little about yourself, your role and how long you’ve been with TRACQS? 

Hello, my name is Raya. I joined the TRACQS team in September 2019 as an Employment Consultant.

After graduating, I left and went to Brisbane, commencing study to complete a Bachelor of Nursing. Loving living in Far North Queensland, I relocated back to Cairns and completed a Diploma of Enrolled Nursing at TAFE. I was raised in Koah, growing up going to school in Kuranda from preschool to year 12, graduating in 2013.

I come from a strong customer service background most recently coming from NDIA to TRACQS. I have a passion for working with and helping people and believe I can accomplish this through my work at TRACQS.

What is a typical day like in your role?

A typical day in my role as an Employment Consultant consists of servicing participants in the Western Tablelands region, in order to achieve their employment goals.

As an Employment Consultant, we aim to develop individualised Job Plans in collaboration with participants, to identify achievable goals that lead to employment, work preparation strategies, tailored interventions, job readiness activities and identifying protentional employment or employment opportunities to refer the participant to the TRACQS Job Placement Officer.

What do you find the most satisfying part about your job, and do you have a favourite memory from work?

The most satisfying part of my role would be addressing and eliminating employment barriers, in order for participants to achieve employment.

My favourite memory would be liaising with the TAFE SEE program and the Indigenous Driving Licencing Unit to address LL&N and licencing as a barrier for Kuranda participants.

What do you like to the most when you’re out of the office?

My out of office life consists of spending my time with friends and family, adventuring Cairns and surrounding regions, swimming, and camping. 

How do you see yourself contributing to the culture and dynamic at TRACQS, and for our communities?

I believe I contribute to the TRACQS team through my upbringing in the Kuranda community and through my nursing background.

Throughout my studies, I was privileged enough to have had a placement at the Kuranda Medical Centre, which allowed me to work within the Kuranda community. It was then I realised I wanted to return to Kuranda and give back to the community.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Europe in summer! Travelling Southern Europe, taking in the coastal scenery in the summertime is a definite on my travel to do list.

What are some of the key skills to your personal development that you have gained with TRACQS?

Through my employment with TRACQS, I have gained personal development through QESA and NESA training, alongside everyday in-house personal development aiming to be proactive, and how to take necessary steps to achieve my own employment goals.

Do you have any quotes, or words of inspiration that you live by?

I don’t specifically have a quote I live by; I just aim to be optimistic, always searching for the good in situations.