TRACQS Compliance Manager, Shannon working at his desk.
TRACQS Compliance Manager, Shannon.

For more than two decades, Shannon Paul Brady has been striving to make a difference. 

Working in the employment services industry has given him the chance to deliver programs that lead to meaningful employment, education and social outcomes. He has a passion for improving community living and making people’s lives better. 

His operational experience ranges from CDP/RJCP program leadership to compliance and auditing roles, staff training, and several years directly servicing job seekers as a front-line employment consultant. 

He says having extensive practical experience has been essential to his development in an industry that has become more driven by payment on results and significant administration requirements. 

Shannon feels at home in remote community environments and is passionate about facilitating staff development and training that lifts both individual employee and business capacity. 

He has an action-oriented approach to service delivery, which he believes is essential to managing complex program delivery and meeting government, community and stakeholder expectations. 

Shannon is currently working at TRACQS as Compliance Manager and is enjoying assisting the team to achieve fantastic results.