TRACQS Participant and Casual Supervisor, Lunar

The current COVID-19 pandemic still presents strict social distancing restrictions, including the cancellation of live music.

This was a big blow for TRACQS Participant and Casual Supervisor, Lunar, who regularly performs across our community. He is a jack of all trades when it comes to the arts and is a talented singer/songwriter, poet and actor who plays acoustic guitar and percussion instruments. 

Recently, he decided to use these challenging times to move forward with his long-standing commitment to rounding up twenty of his original songs in the form of listenable and enjoyable tracks for release.

Ross Wilson, TRACQS Kuranda Digital Media Supervisor, also offered to chip in and collaborate on some of Lunar’s songs in the form of backing tracks. They also decided to collaborate on new material, writing lyrics and performing vocals on some of Ross’s original pieces.

TRACQS Kuranda Digital Media Supervisor, Ross Wilson

So far it has been a really fun, but fast, learning process for Lunar, who has been songwriting and recording music in isolation at home and limited to exchanging files online due to the current restrictions.

Ross has also been available with great knowledge of live music and recording/production, to consistently answer any questions and provide valuable advice.

For Lunar, this has proven to be a great asset, immensely accelerating his abilities as a sound engineer and also as a recording artist!

Soon Lunar and Ross will tackle live dual recording, working live on tracks in real-time with the projects linked online with dual controls over the tracks.

As always, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to TRACQS for the financial and practical support at this precarious time. Thankyou. 

Lunar, TRACQS Participant and Casual Supervisor

At this stage, Lunar and Ross have completed and released three songs, check out their awesome collaboration below.

Home to Love

Wasted Times

Here to Learn

Photography & Video Credit

Kuranda Digital Media

Lyrics / Vocals: Lunar
Music: Ross

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