TRACQS CDP participant Stephan standing next to a TRACQS sign
TRACQS CDP Participant, Stephan.

There is no denying that we’ve been facing some difficult times as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With restrictions being put in place, it’s been reported that almost one million Australians have lost their jobs as a result. Losing work is never easy, and losing your employment due to such uncertain circumstances, makes it all the more difficult.   

Stephan, a fully qualified chef with over 20 years’ experience, knows the impact COVID-19 can have all too well. Making the move from Germany, and becoming an Australian Resident, Stephan was happily working in Western Australia when forced restrictions to business’ put his employment on hold.   

Eager to continue working despite the circumstances, Stephan took matters into his own hands, making the drastic decision to move across the country to Kuranda to better his chances of employment in the hospitality industry.

His immediate goal was to find employment, and through contacting Centrelink, Stephan was referred to our team at TRACQS, where he commenced as a participant for our services of the Community Development Program (CDP).

TRACQS Job Placement Consultant, Donna, helped Stephan with his job hunting by guiding him through writing his resume, cover letter, assisting him in submitting his applications and going through interview techniques.   

Determined to obtain employment, Stephan made it a priority to call and approach managers and head chefs at the local restaurants between Cairns and Port Douglas. Despite his enthusiasm, however, Stephan wasn’t having much luck. This did not deter Stephan however, as he continued to apply for positions, even going as far as offering to relocate for a job if needed.   

Finding work in such unpredictable and uncertain times is undoubtedly tricky, but not impossible.   

Not long after, the TRACQS team was delighted to hear that Stephan had found employment in Weipa, an almost 10 hour drive from Kuranda. Stephan is now working at the local Bowls Club as a chef. Although greatly excited, Stephan was cautious of biosecurity and the cost of relocation, as we are still living through a pandemic.  

TRACQS CDP participant Stephan receiving a fuel voucher from TRACQS Job Placement Consultant Donna.
Stephan and TRACQS Job Placement Consultant, Donna.

Coming to us for reassurance and support, we’ve happily provided Stephan with updates and information as a part of our Post Placement Support (PPS) services, and we will continue to provide him with this assistance for the next 26 weeks. As a part of these services, TRACQS was also able to provide Stephan with fuel vouchers to assist with transport costs.

Stephan has gone on to thank our team here at TRACQS for our ongoing support. We wish Stephan every success in the future as he embarks on his new employment journey.   

About the Community Development Program (CDP)

TRACQS is bringing local experience and knowledge to deliver the Community Development Program (CDP) proudly supported by the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA)

CDP is an employment program for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in regional, rural and remote Australia to achieve sustainable employment outcomes by strengthening skills, addressing barriers and contributing to their communities through a range of flexible work-like activities.