At TRACQS, we work closely with our participants so that we can tailor our services to them and their goals.

As a part of our services for the Community Development Program (CDP), we were able to offer Zane his own tailored activity that would challenge and inspire his creativity.

This personalised activity gave Zane the opportunity to attend cultural art programs, participate in exhibitions, accept contract work, and create artwork to further develop his skills and increase his employment opportunities.

Zane had also been a participant in TRACQS Kuranda Photography activities, where he learned techniques that complimented his existing skills.

As a result of his tremendous community contribution, as well as his recent artwork submissions to a variety of exhibitions, Zane was selected to receive a scholarship to recently attend Milparanga, a program designed to develop and honour indigenous knowledge, philosophies and reclaiming of language.

“I believe what I’ve learnt and experienced through the Milparanga event has helped provide further opportunities for growth in my personal and artistic practice while helping and influencing others.

“Knowing each step or stance we make are for the betterment of life in community, family and self, also providing further opportunities for those who are less fortunate to have their concerns, interest and aspirations represented,” explained Zane.

“I really appreciated the opportunity I had to attend such an exciting and empowering event, and personally want to thank TRACQS and Djabugay Corporation Bulmba Rangers Activity,” said Zane.

Zane’s creative and positive nature has left a lasting impact on everyone who has worked with him. TRACQS team member Sali, recalls feeling very privileged to be able to see Zane’s artistic vision come to life.

“Zane’s enthusiasm and sharing of knowledge is an inspiration to people of all ages and cultures,” says Sali.

Zane is currently developing his own performance show called the ‘Cure’, that will be shown at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts in Brisbane on the 28th,29th and 30th of November. With the concept of his performance focusing on ‘spirit’.

We can’t wait to see where his creativity takes him and from the team at TRACQS, we’re extremely proud of Zane and his commitment to developing his skills and expanding his leadership capabilities.

Photography Credit: Kuranda Photography

Further Information

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