At TRACQS, we don’t measure our success on a numerical value but rather the feelings, developments and growth of our participants.

Recently, our services for the Community Development Program have allowed a few Kuranda small businesses to blossom.

Our Small Business Activity Group has proven to assist Kuranda locals in creating pioneering businesses for the community to benefit from.

Those businesses include Your Garden Harvest and PPS People Place Space.
Participant Rachael started her business, Your Garden Harvest, after falling in love with the idea of creating an easy way for everyday individuals to enjoy a fresh garden. Eager to encourage others to find joy in gardening, Rachael’s business helps locals to utilise and grow fresh food for their family and friends all year round.

Recognising that Kuranda needed a local plant stall to encourage food security and community resilience during hard times, Rachael began bringing Your Garden Harvest to life.

Speaking to participant and owner of Your Garden Harvest, Rachael Kelly, she says that TRACQS offered her credible and wholesome advice whilst being patient enough to respect the time she needed to get her business off the ground, “Thanks to TRACQS and TRACQS Small business Activity Group, my new business has been nurtured and supported over the last three months.”

Also launching a business of a similar nature is TRACQS participant and Kuranda horticulturist Paul Devine.

Having impressively worked in Bushcare and landscape restoration for over 35 years, Paul holds some of the most well-accumulated expertise in the business. With his business PPS (People Place Space), Paul is taking his years of knowledge to support others in managing their own bushland.

With both businesses now up and running, you can expect to see Kuranda’s greenery coming to life as Paul and Rachael continue supporting the community in taking further care of the land and its potential to support and provide for us.