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Che'la Nicholls-Gray

Multi modal artist, writer, vocalist and performer Che’la Nicholls-Gray explores various creative methods to express her unique view of the world.

Che’la, originally trained in these disciplines while a student at the Cairns Hinterland Steiner School in Kuranda receiving much acclaim amongst her peers and teachers alike. Continuing her professional development with workshops facilitated by TRACQS delivered by Jute Theatre as a supported activity for youth development.

With time she moved onto the expressive medium of water colour painting and writing. Most recently Che’la applies her creative eye to the medium of print and design choosing to convey her perspective of the world through the use of contemporary methods.

Che’las work across mediums has developed her love of creativity without restriction to any one-particular type. Che’las clothing range is now featured in the Creative Communities exhibition space leading with her original design of ‘Bare your Bones’ which speaks to the mental health situation many young people are facing today, encouraging openness without stigma.

Che’la is currently working on her line of clothing in collaboration with the Custom Culture activity helping to support her creative aspirations.

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