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Estrella Lambert

Estrella Lambert found her love of painting and its ability to capture how a space made her feel within it when regularly visiting the Galapagos Islands in her line of work for many years. Natural surroundings and the unique animals found there inspired her imagery themes and enthusiasm.

Since 2004, now living in Julatten Far North Queensland, Estrella continues to be inspired by her environment, along with the Australian wildlife and tranquillity.

Estrella has moved on from close ups of nature and portraits onto the beautiful landscapes of Far North Queensland, sunsets being one of her favourites, reflecting on the environment, Estrella states ‘’every-one is unique and astonishing’’.

As a member of DAB (Douglas Art Studio) Estrella has been regularly exhibiting her paintings since 2008 and will be featured in the Creative Community’s exhibition space throughout July and August.

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