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Katrina Green

Originally from Kuranda (Mona Mona), now residing in Chillagoe, Katrina with the help of her partner, decided to utilise marble famously found in her now hometown to paint on.  Tina recalls in childhood sitting with her Nan and Aunty Jennifer, both creative and talented women;  “My Nan used to make feather flowers and my Aunty use to do painting”.  This early exposure to creativity instilled a creative passion that has continued to inspire Katrina to this day.

Initially applying her talent onto didgeridoos with her mother-in-law, Katrina took a hiatus to focus raising her children.  Now with time on her hands she has picked up the brushes once again to begin her next painterly journey exploring the use of marble as her surface of choice.

Katrina comes to us from the outreach program and is a welcome addition.  Her marble works can be viewed in-store or online from December on.

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