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Mozz Zibell

Initially starting from creating doll clothes in early childhood Mozz has since become a master in her craft.  Affectionately recalling a moment from her teen years when meeting two young Americans, she remembers how she had not seen such clothing and could not find them here.  This moment in time inspired Mozz’s passion to sew initially making the clothes she had seen.  Since then, Mozz went on to create many of her own unique clothing items spending many Saturday afternoons sewing and listening to football on the radio.

Mozz’s skill set extends to cross stitching, tapestry, candle and soap making all of which has attuned her eye for detail and appreciation for each element in all she makes.  Her choice of fabrics, colours and styles all reflect her mastery of sewing and design with each coming together with consideration to durability, practicality, and colourful inclusion.  Describing her range as “Bespoke Bags for the Discerning Buyer” Mozz ensures each piece is created to suit the needs of herself and customers ensuring inclusions such as zippers, pockets and sizing are all practical according to individual uses.  For the client wishing to customise an item, they are encouraged to make contact to discuss options.

Mozz’s handbag range has injected colour into the Creative Communities exhibition space and featured from November onward.

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