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Rhonda Brim

Master Weaver

As Djabugay Master Weaver Rhonda works tirelessly to pass on the art by teaching through the community development program, workshops and schools. Rhonda’s work is highly regarded and well known throughout Australia.

Her drive and passion for the arts are fuelled by her love of culture and unwavering desire to ensure Djabugay cultural practices are passed onto the next generation.

Rhonda has exhibited with Umi Arts and CIAF while providing weaving workshops throughout a number of locations around our district for the past 30 years.

Rhonda is pictured holding her current work ‘dilly bag untitled’ which was exhibited at the ‘Undercurrents’ exhibition during CIAF 2020.

Rhonda comes to us from the KOCA (Keeping our culture alive) program where our creative participants learn basket weaving and contemporary creative practices.