AUSSIE CRITTERS - Sharon McGrigor profile image


Sharon’s past 30 years has seen her emersed in Australian wildlife rescue and rehabilitation which developed her keen sense of animal behaviour and distinctive eye to capture wildlife in their natural environments.

Using photography and videography as medium, Sharon has since travelled Australia capturing wildlife in all areas honing her skills to capture the perfect ‘moment in time’ using the catch phrase ‘take a peek’, with the purpose of connecting eye-to-eye with her subjects.  Sharon, through her photography endeavours to inspire and develop a sense of custodianship within people.

“A connection or bond is immediately established once you peer into the eyes of a bird or animal”

Since retirement, Sharon’s imagery has featured extensively across media in National Geographic sponsored ‘field guides’, wildlife manuals, magazines, journals and newspapers.  Sharon’s latest work ‘Aussie Critters’ is featured in Creative Communities exhibition space with images available for download or purchase on specialised substrates.

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