Acrylic Painting: Azucar

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Description   Presenting Azucar, by painter Estrella Lambert.

My sweet painting Azucar (Spanish word for Sugar) is about the sugar cane fields grown in Mossman, near home.  It’s so beautiful to see the fields when the sugar cane is flowered, generally from April every year. The gorgeous mountains of Mossman are majestic and spectacular during the sunset, and what a great view when sugar cane plantations are in full display.

Estrella’s Azucar is a testament to her skills as an artist, as shown by the way the sugar cane flowers reflect real life, and the mountains are as majestic as in person. This painting would be a lovely compliment to relaxing into the evening after a long day.

Style  Landscape

Material  Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions  71cm x 36cm x 3.5cm

Photo Credits Kuranda Photography Activity

1 in stock

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Meet the Artist

Estrella Lambert found her love of painting and its ability to capture how a space made her feel within it when regularly visiting the Galapagos Islands in her line of work for many years. Natural surroundings and the unique animals found there inspired her imagery themes and enthusiasm.

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