Banana Yarn

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Hand spun banana yarn.

The banana plant used for fibre production is called Abaca (Musa Textilis) and is a non – fruit bearing species of banana.

The fibre has a very silky feel. It is a cool fibre and therefore ideal to wear as a knitted, woven or crochet garment in our tropical north Queensland. The fibre Ulla uses is of high quality and white as it has been left in the sun to bleach during production.


To “loosen” up the fibre or to make it very soft Ulla ply’s the hand spun banana fibre with a commercial spun silk noil which has an uneven surface which creates an interesting texture once used for weaving, knitting or crochet.

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Material  Banana fibre, silk noil

Size  Various please make selection

Credits  Photos by Creative Communities Activity

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Meet the Artist

Dyster, Reuse/upcycle extraordinaire and natural use enthusiast.  Ullas’ creative magnetism, passion and skills for creating quality products using textiles is reflected through her diverse portfolio of work.

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