Bare Your Bones

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Description: This hoodie is soft inside and feels like a warm blanket, while the front pocket sized to fit your hands and phone comfortably at the same time.  The hood comes with draw strings and is good for hiding a face from the sun, wind, and the eyes of disapproving humans. The khaki cream colouring will help you blend into the background of any conversation. If you’re a person with texture aversions, the outer layer is almost as soft as the inside, and would be a good safe texture for any hair raising situations.

Che’la states Bare your bones encourages you to do exactly as the name suggests, baring your bones to the world and those who would dissuade you from being Who you are, How you are.

Style: Thriller

Material: Polyester/Cotton blend

Size: L

Sublimation print by Che’la Nicholls-Gray.

Out of stock

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Meet the Artist

Multi modal artist, writer, vocalist and performer Che’la Nicholls-Gray explores various creative methods to express her unique view of the world.

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