Ceramic dish with Vegvisir

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Handmade ceramic dish with a Vegvisir symbol surrounded by a futhark runic circle.

Perfect for holding small items, such as paper clips in an office, rings or other jewellery, or even a set of keys. Being porous, this dish is not suitable to hold any liquid, and not recommended for holding food.

The symbolism of Vegvisir

Sometimes called Vegvisir compass, it’s made up of eight staves radiating out in a circle from a central point. The word “Vegvisir” is composed of two words. The first is “Vegur” and means road or path. The second is “Visir” and represents the guide. A sign of guidance for navigation, and also refers to the journey we make in our life.
The Vegvisir is traditionally thought of as an ancient Norse symbol, though today historians argue that given this symbol hasn’t made an appearance until it’s first recorded depiction and description in the Icelandic Huld Manuscript, written in 1860 (several hundred years after the Viking age), it seems unlikely that the Vegvisir was widely used during actual Viking times. Either way the Vegvisir symbol is supposed to give guidance and protection.

Materials        ceramic

Dimensions   D: 10cm  x H: 2cm

Credits             Photos by TRACQS Kuranda Photography Activity

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