Dilly Bag

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Description  Contemporary style dilly bag weave made by artist Latia Levers

Style  tight weave

Material  Lomandra, banana fibre

Dimensions       BH  (Basket Height)  8 cm

BW (Basket Width)  9 cm

HH (Handle Height)  28 cm

1 in stock

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Meet the Artist

Painter : Weaver : Artefact Creator

Latia’s ability to masterfully combine cultural methods with objects found on country is truly amazing. Latia continues to create new product ranges inspired by nature driven by her passion for painting.

Latia’s work has been exhibited at Baileys Crystalbrook Collection Hotel and featured at the Art Market during CIAF celebrations 2019 & 2020.

The latest additions to her creative portfolio include fashion design and jewellery making lending her mastery of the painted stroke to alternative surfaces.

Latia comes to us from the KOCA (Keeping our culture alive) program where our creative participants learn basket weaving and contemporary creative practices.

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