Dilly Bag

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Description   Weaved using traditional materials and style, this type of dilly bag, made with love by Senior artist Coralie Wason, was historically used to strain poisons from foods before consumption.   The weave style here is a ‘tight’ weave meaning the weavers are added in close to one another to create a weave with little no space between each row.  Other styles are available please check our online catalogue.
Coralie is a strong advocate of her culture and was taught the weaving from Master weaver Rhonda Brim and continues to pass on the weaving method to her children and grandchildren alike.
Material        Lomandra
Dimensions  BH  (Basket Height)  7 cm
                           BW (Basket Width)  5 cm
                           HH (Handle Height)  23cm  

Out of stock

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Meet the Artist

Sourcing inspiration from her Djabugay roots to create traditional and contemporary artworks.

Coralie is a source of inspiration and guidance for the next generation of artists. Her creative practice includes painted works on canvas and artefacts, basket weaving, quilting, jewellery making, and fashion design.

Coralie has exhibited her works at CIAF, Baileys Crystalbrook Collection and through Tafes travelling exhibition.

Coralie’s current work includes an amazing collection of jewellery inspired by the Kuranda rainforest and of course many new dilly bag creations.

Coralie comes to us from the KOCA (Keeping our culture alive) program where our creative participants learn basket weaving and contemporary creative practices.

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