Dream Catching Pillows

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Description  These conveniently sized dream catching pillows can be taken anywhere with you.  At only 19cm they will fit into your baggage while travelling or fit easily on your bedside table for use at night.  Perfectly sized for children who may need a comfort pillow during the night or store in your car to encourage moments of blissful peace while driving.

Each pillow is unique by design with natural dyes settling into the silk patch to create their own colour patterns.  No pillow pattern is the same and this is achieved through the process of natural dyeing with ingredients like onion skin, melaleuca, eucalyptus, and turmeric.  Additionally, you will find the light lavender scent a pleasant finishing touch.

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Material                  Silk, natural dyes, cotton filling and fabric

Dimensions          H  (Height)  19 cm

                         W (Width)  7 cm

                                    L (Height)  19cm

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Meet the Artist

Dyster, Reuse/upcycle extraordinaire and natural use enthusiast.  Ullas’ creative magnetism, passion and skills for creating quality products using textiles is reflected through her diverse portfolio of work.

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