Earring- Quandong 3 tier with handpainted gumnut and Emu feathers

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I have made these earrings from the local protected Cassowary birds food of the quandong. They eat the flesh and leave the seed behind so I have collected, cleaned and painted the seeds to make into the beautiful earrings. I have done this 3 tier Quandong seed earring and added a handpainted gumnut with emu feathers at the bottom. The length from the top of the seeds to the bottom of the gumnuts is 8cm long. The emu feathers add another 11cm onto the earrings which would accent many outfits.

Photo credits to Artist Sandy Scott

1 in stock

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Meet the Artist

Weaver : Painter : Artefact Creator

Gifted with ‘Emu’ dreaming by her ancestral grandmother, Sandy channels these memories into her work to create basketry and painted artefacts reflecting her connection to country and spirit.

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