Little Mama Fringe Bag

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Little Mumma Fringe Bag

Description  When holding this bag initially your attention goes to the generous ‘fringe’ hanging from the base of the bag, then the soft texture of the leather on your hands as you explore the craftsmanship, all the while the aroma of cured leather calls for attention.   Upon appraisal all the features of this bag come together to make a remarkable strong, durable, stylish handbag.

The inspiration for this bag came from my daughter’s need to downsize her large fringed bag.

Features include:

  • thick leather strap stitching making the bag robust and strong
  • diagonally cut front flap for added styling
  • hand cut and stitched
  • 18cm long signature look leather fringe
  • Wide handles for a comfortable wearing

Style  Fringe Bag

Closure  Decorative Silver Button

Material  100% Genuine Chrome Tanned Cow hide


Bag Depth 24cm

Strap Width 4.5cm

Width  20cm

Credits  Photos by Kuranda Photography activity


1 in stock

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Meet the Artist

Andrea began her journey of learning how to work leather and create a variety of products from this age-old craft from a shared interest with her daughter.

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