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Hate plastic bags but not keen on the alternatives at the supermarket?

Looking for something lightweight, strong, durable and compact? Then your search is over.

Our market totes are perfect for your everyday shop – big and sturdy enough to hold a good range of items without being so big that you’ll dislocate your shoulder trying to lift them.  And did I mention stylish?

Who said that functionality and dullness had to go together? Certainly not me! As well as lovely to look at, these totes are definitely built for purpose; made from hard wearing and easy to clean cotton  canvas or chino drill. They are fully lined – again with cotton – and feature a large internal pocket for holding your essential items, such as keys and wallet or phone.

Every seam is stitched twice for additional strength, and the strap is long enough to comfortably sit on your shoulder.
Folding up small, these totes are easy to store in the glove box or to carry in a larger bag so you’re always sure of having one close to hand.

Materials:        Cotton, fully lined for strength and durability
Dimensions:   12” W x 16” H x 4” D
Pocket:               6” x 6”
Care:                   Machine washable


Credits:               Photography by artist

Out of stock

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Meet the Artist

Sewing is a passion for Mozz and has been since early childhood. Mozz’s attention to detail and desire to create bespoke and practical handbags is evident in each piece she creates.

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