Mother Earth Goddess

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Mother earth goddess dolls; a symbol of nature and all that is earthy and fertile!  These dolls are hand crafted and conveniently sized to go anywhere with you made with natural plant based dyes, love and good intentions.

Crafted with re-use and recycle in mind, these Goddess dolls feature dollie embroidering, a splash of white wool hair, coloured with plant based dyes including onion skins, melaleuca, eucalyptus, beach almond, mulberry leaves, turmeric and rusty nails to create a variety of colours.     Take care with your selection as each doll is unique with no two the same!

Place your order today and pair these Goddess Dolls with an Earth Child to complete your set.

Material            Natural plant dyes (see above), wool filling, cotton materials, re-purposed dollies

Dimensions       H  (Height)  4 cm

                      W (Width)  7 cm

                       L  (Length)  24 cm

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Meet the Artist

Dyster, Reuse/upcycle extraordinaire and natural use enthusiast.  Ullas’ creative magnetism, passion and skills for creating quality products using textiles is reflected through her diverse portfolio of work.

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