Tween Clothing: #MuzzlesOff Hoody

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This black hoodie has a wolf head on the front, made of purple, silver, white and red vinyl, with #MuzzlesOff in purple vinyl down both sleeves. A wolf skull is pressed onto the hood of the jumper in pearl white, the skull cut off at half way down the jaw. The hoodie feels soft and the fabric is thin not heavy to wear.  This hoodie is for the days you’re feeling like expressing your not so happy day.

This hoodie is meant to feel a bit more aggressive, #MuzzlesOff meaning to me that if you want to call me all bark and no bite, I’m going to show just how bad my Bite issays Che’la.

Style: Punk

Material: Polyester/Elastane

Size: 10

Photo Credits:  Creative Communities

Model:  The artist herself – Che’la

Out of stock

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Meet the Artist

Multi modal artist, writer, vocalist and performer Che’la Nicholls-Gray explores various creative methods to express her unique view of the world.

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