Acrylic Painting: Never Lost

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Artist Statement:

When reflecting on the impact of Cook and my people we know about how a lot of history and culture was lost.  My painting represents the connection to the elements through dance and song.  The elders are sitting in circle of the dancers holding the connection letting us know that all is not lost.  Through the ancestral spirit we remain connected through song and dance to the land.    Our ancestors keep watch over us, keep us held in contemporary times to strengthen our spirit and to remind us that they are still here, they still hear us they still see us.  Colours are a significant feature added to symbolize the layers of meaning.  Each of the central colours represent the land while the colours on the outer edge represent each element.  The faces represent the spirits of the elements rising through the consciousness of the people while water links the composition with the flow of life and cycles.

My painting is one of strength and remembering that all is not lost, it is there if you seek it.  I sat in silence with my ancestors over the time I was completing this composition, they gave it to me bit by bit when I was ready to hear their instructions and it is this same sense of receiving guidance, when I was ready, that this painting represents.

Tactile and three dimensional elements create an interesting overall finish to this painting.

Materials  Mixed media, Acrylic on canvas

Size:  1200 x 900

Credits   Photography by Kuranda Photography Activity

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Meet the Artist

Weaver : Painter : Artefact Creator

Gifted with ‘Emu’ dreaming by her ancestral grandmother, Sandy channels these memories into her work inspiring a diverse range of creative works including basketry and painted artefacts that reflect her connection to country and spirit.

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