Painting: Bubbles

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This is how I want you to feel when viewing my work.  I was at a friend’s place he had a bubble machine; I was kind of inspired by how the bubbles came out -so many at one time.  The pattern they made as they moved away in the wind.  We were doing this in the afternoon, and you can see the colours of the sunsetting in the background.

The blues and aqua’s were reflected in the bubbles so I thought; why not use these colours. I like when people see my work, that they make their own story, some of my work doesn’t have a story, I just like the designs.

Dimensions: 900 x 450 x 40

1 in stock

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Meet the Artist

Experimental artist Daniel explores painterly effects using typical and new techniques. With a flare for colour Daniel begins with an idea and works to bring to life what he has seen in his imagination.

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