Painting – ‘Feather’

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Description   ‘Feather’ is a painting that takes a minimalist approach to building compositions from deep inner meanings.   In keeping with Kerstines colour appreciation, she has chosen complimentary colours for the background while creating a beautiful visual impact with the inclusion of the gold feather seemingly resting in the centre of the canvas after it has finished its fall from the sky.

Kerstine states “The feather painting was a complete intuitive painting as part of a healing process” and says the feather in the painting is inspired by “feeling light, connected to nature and to my ancestors” in that moment.

I see feathers as a symbol of message from the Divine or my ancestors

If you are the art lover whom enjoys abstract themes and interesting surfaces then ‘Feather’ painted by Kerstine will be the artwork you are looking for.

Title                 Feather

Style                 Abstract
Material         Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions  30cm x 30cm x 4,5cm
Credits           Photo by TRACQS Kuranda Photography

1 in stock

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Meet the Artist

Colour therapist, painter, and nature lover Kerstine Pattison Uhlemanns’ artwork embodies her love of colour and expression of place in the world.

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