Chakra Acrylic Painting -‘Tree’

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Description   On first impression ‘Tree’ evokes a fantastical emotion, a sense that this painting will take you on a journey of discovery into a world of mystical colour that draws you in to explore the ‘ol tree’ looming up front. You may next notice the use of gradient colour blending from blacks, purples and reds in the background drawing the eye around the canvas to explore each detail to rest up front again on the ‘ol tree’.

Kerstine paints to provoke a connection to the imagery using bright colours to place the viewer to the scenery found on the canvas. This painting is part of a series called Chakra Life Tree, Kerstine states that the series “evolved itself from the first painting” exploring the “balance and harmony” that the colours induced. She notes on this series “ I never plan my paintings, I create intuitively and I choose my colours and the theme very spontaneously”.

If you are the art lover whom enjoys abstract themes and colourful surfaces then ‘Tree’ painted by Kerstine will be the artwork you are looking for.

Title                 Tree

Style                 Abstract
Material         Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions  30cm x 30cm x 3,5cm
Credits           Photo by TRACQS Kuranda Photography,

Greg Hillman

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