Portals Painting

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Description  The intriguing compilation of ‘Portals’ fills you with the sense of rapid movement, organised chaos and colour appreciation.  The three central squares gives you a focal point to steady the gaze and then they pop out of the background with great enthusiasm to begin moving around the surface again- drawing the eye while confusing it at the same time.

Daniel plays with repeated patterns and colour combinations creating an exciting kaleidoscope effect that gathers momentum and then moves you on.  Portals is a composition well suited to an audience that can connect to a high energy canvas with visuals that stimulate the eye.

My works are an exploration of myself, how I emotionally feel

Title                 Portals

Style                 Abstract, expressionism
Material         Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions  H 90cm x L 29.5cm x W 3.5cm
Credits           Photo by TRACQS Kuranda Photography

1 in stock

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Meet the Artist

Experimental artist Daniel explores painterly effects using typical and new techniques. With a flare for colour Daniel begins with an idea and works to bring to life what he has seen in his imagination.

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