Acrylic Painting: Spectacular Vista

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Description  Presenting Spectacular Vista, by Estrella Lambert

This painting is about Lake Dunn, in the Outback.  I was captivated for the view and the peaceful and quietness of the place.  There is so much to see in Australia, and this lake is one to be seen and enjoyed.

Clear blue skies and a wind swept lake, what better view to gaze upon on a dark cloudy day to remind you of days in the sun.

Style  Landscape

Material  Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions  60cm x 31cm x 4cm

Photo Credits  Kuranda Photography Activity

1 in stock

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Meet the Artist

Estrella Lambert found her love of painting and its ability to capture how a space made her feel within it when regularly visiting the Galapagos Islands in her line of work for many years. Natural surroundings and the unique animals found there inspired her imagery themes and enthusiasm.

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