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Description    CASSOWARY  Portrait

Gazing ‘eye to eye’ with this large, intimidating, flightless and endangered Aussie bird was both frightening and thrilling. I was sitting in my rainforest garden having ‘brekky’ when he casually strolled over to see what I was doing. I sat ever so still as he approached even closer. Then as my nervousness disappeared, we observed each other with a mutual respect. His inquisitive nature was what made this moment magical. This adorable portrait image is the result of one of those rare ‘Close Encounters’ I’ve had in the wet tropics of North Qld, Australia.

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Collection Name:  AUSSIE CRITTERS by Sharon McGrigor

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Meet the Artist

Videographer, photographer and former wild life rescuer, Sharon McGrigor known as “Shaz” is a faithful advocate for the Australian wildlife capturing the spirit of animal behaviours in their natural environments.

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