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Description   QUOLL Portrait

The Quoll is another of our iconic ‘Aussie Critters’ that is rarely seen, especially during the daylight. So with great hopes and anticipation I went to a friend’s property in the remote bushlands of Northern NSW, where they were recording them. Normally shy, these animals were quite used to seeing humans working around the farm, so I was lucky enough to have the rare opportunity to glimpse them during the day. From afar, this large old male was not worried by me or my camera and looked quite relaxed in his rocky ‘Den-site’. He has a beautiful spotted fur coat that keeps him warm during the cold winters of his high-country homelands and for this reason he is also known as the ‘Spotted-tailed Quoll’.

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Collection Name:  AUSSIE CRITTERS by Sharon McGrigor

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Meet the Artist

Videographer, photographer and former wild life rescuer, Sharon McGrigor known as “Shaz” is a faithful advocate for the Australian wildlife capturing the spirit of animal behaviours in their natural environments.

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