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Description       TAMMAR  Joey

A rare opportunity arose to visit bushland close to where some captive-bred Tammar Wallaby’s had been recently released into the wild. As they are now endangered, I thought I might ‘take a peek’. To my absolute amazement I had a ‘Close Encounter’ with a Mum and her adorable ‘Joey’. The joey seemed perfectly snug, relaxed and safe in his mother’s pouch, and it’s for this reason they are called ‘Pouched Young’. As they grow in size however, they never seem to fit and therefore have legs and tails draped in every which-way. My image tries to capture the moment joey and I connected ‘eye to eye’.

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Collection Name:  AUSSIE CRITTERS by Sharon McGrigor

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Meet the Artist

Videographer, photographer and former wild life rescuer, Sharon McGrigor known as “Shaz” is a faithful advocate for the Australian wildlife capturing the spirit of animal behaviours in their natural environments.

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