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Description         TERN – Nesting

The angelic and delicate nature of these birds is hard to resist when photographing them in the wild. Never will I forget my adventure out to the islands of North Qld where I had a ‘Close Encounter’ with a flock of nesting Black-naped Terns. The white, sun-bleached, coral, beach spit set the perfect scene for my image. It also provided the prefect camouflage for their eggs and young chicks.

Sitting in the shade of an outback track on an extremely hot day I had a ‘Close Encounter’ with an inquisitive natured and somewhat friendly Emu. Through the eyes of my camera I was able to peer into his glorious amber-coloured eyes which reflected the colours of the outback perfectly. This crazy looking Emu seemed to be having a ‘bad hair day’ as I watched his mane twist & twirl in the wind. I watched on in silence as this bird, with attitude, commanded my respect. This image is from my ‘Close Encounters Collection’ and represents the amazing experience I had with Australia’s tallest flightless bird.

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Collection Name:  AUSSIE CRITTERS by Sharon McGrigor

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Meet the Artist

Videographer, photographer and former wild life rescuer, Sharon McGrigor known as “Shaz” is a faithful advocate for the Australian wildlife capturing the spirit of animal behaviours in their natural environments.

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