Sunny Elf Hat

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Hand crocheted hat in a mustardy yellow colour. This hat is very large, suitable for big hairdos, or even someone with dreadlocks.

With yellow being a colour of joy and knowledge, and a jingly bell added to the hat point, this fun hat will make anyone’s brightness and sunny disposition shine.

Very individual one-of-a-kind hat, perfect for music festivals during the cooler season, such as the upcoming Kuranda Roots Festival.

As with all of Marie’s creations, this is her own pattern, and as she makes each hat only once, often using recycled yarn, you won’t find anyone else sporting the same hat.

Materials        yarn, metal bell

Dimensions   C: 74cm, L: total length (including the bell) 46cm.

Credits             Photos by TRACQS Kuranda Photography Activity

Out of stock

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From the moment Marie could hold a crayon, she expressed her creativity any chance she could.

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