Turtle Egg Sculpture

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Description The moment of a baby turtle hatching has been captured by Darren with his turtle egg sculptures.

Darren’s inspiration for the designs came while walking along the beach whereby he found various objects and experimented with making them into an art piece. This lead to Darren applying various colour details onto the turtles to ensure each is unique thus creating his baby turtle sculpture collection.

No two turtles are the same and you will always receive a one-off piece. Please choose your colour to proceed with your order.

Style Abstract Sculptured
Materials Burnie beads, recycled tyre, pumice, enamel paint
Dimensions L 10cm x H 9cm x W 7cm

Photo Credits Kuranda Photography Activity and Creative Communities Activity

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Meet the Artist

Sculptor and nature lover, Darren Foster has always been an art and nature enthusiast.  From a spark of inspiration, Darren began exploring the idea to create baby turtle sculptures from recycled and natural materials found on the beach.

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