The past few weeks have seen Sam refine his teaching skills through health goal planning, food programs and sustainability plans.

As part of studies for his TRACQS Activity, Sam had 50 hours to complete volunteer work within a community program relating to the health or sports industry. 

As a future Health and PE educator, Sam worked closely with the TRACQS team who sourced a position at the Kowrowa Food Preparation Work for the Dole activity, as it directly related to the health and socioeconomic disadvantages faced within Kuranda’s communities.

Arrangements were made with James Cook University for TRACQS to host Sam at the activity, tailoring Sam’s Study Activity to suit his goals. Through his volunteering, he was able to work closely with parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles of the children who attend school in the community.

The impact of Sam’s work was twofold. He was first able to upskill participants in cooking and food handling while helping them make healthy food choices for themselves and their families.

He shared that promoting people’s nutritional, financial, mental, physical and social health and wellbeing are concepts that directly align with Sam’s role as a health educator.

“I learnt the participants’ strengths, interests and goals, and once I had built those connections, I created a health resource for the TRACQS Activity,” Sam said.

“I was able to use my growing health and teaching expertise to effectively work with participants, and I helped them develop an understanding of how to set effective goals.

“I created a website with the planner on it so that participants could continue accessing and using the document when I left,” Sam said.

The resource he created was a ‘SMART Goals Planner’ –enabling participants to use their strengths in the kitchen to structure personal health and sustainability goals for their food program. As part of our services for the Community Development Program (CDP), Sam was compelled to make a positive impact by engaging and engaging working to help people engaging in his local community.

“TRACQS was important for my development both personally and professionally.

“Being seen in the community as an educator and developing meaningful connections with people demonstrated to them that I was invested and caring about their interests and perspectives.

“Forming positive interactions between myself as a teacher and the people within my school community is crucial for working with students, parents, and carers in the future,” Sam said.

Refining his educational skills while improving the lives of the Kowrowa community has been invaluable for Sam’s upcoming teaching career.

From the team here at TRACQS, we look forward to more exciting developments for Sam along the way.

Further Information

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