TRACQS team members inside a 4WD to learn how to operate and Maintain a 4wd Vehicle with Cairns Civil Safety

At TRACQS, we’re all about going above and beyond to assist our clients.

So, our team took it upon themselves to undergo 4WD training so that they can travel to remote areas of the Western Tablelands, CDP Region 52 to provide services to our customers.  

The course, ‘How to Operate and Maintain a 4wd Vehicle with Cairns Civil Safety’ was a great learning experience for all and made for a fun day out! 

TRACQS staff member learning to change tyre as a part of 4WD training

All eight staff members who took part passed with flying colours. Here’s what some of the team had to say about the training:   

Shannon, TRACQS Compliance and Claims Manager
“It was a fantastic way for the team to build rapport with each other through a fun, exciting and informative activity.”  

Kaizi, TRACQS Employment Consultant
“The 4WD course was an amazing learning experience, learning how to change tyres and traverse difficult terrain. It was filled with fun, adventure and comradery. Further developing and strengthening the amazing bond I have with my colleagues. I learnt to not only trust the vehicle but to also trust in my colleagues.”  

Donna, TRACQS Job Placement Officer
“What I found most interesting is understanding all the differential lock buttons, moving the car from 2H, 4H and 4L buttons and what they do and how to get the maximum capacity from your 4WD.”  

Angela, TRACQS Employment Consultant
“I really enjoyed the opportunity to undertake 4WD Training and believe I gained both knowledge and confidence.”