Makin TRACQS touch footy team in their uniforms
Makin TRACQS – Touch Footy Team

At TRACQS, we work hard, but we play even harder!

Working with local’s day in day out, and having a team of staff who love Kuranda dearly, we’re always going above and beyond to create new ways to improve further on what is already a fantastic community.

So, when TRACQS Employment Consultant Jeffrey, saw an opportunity to bring the community of Kuranda even closer together, he started making it happen.

Jeffrey noticed that there was a need to bring more sport into the mix, to build confidence and team building, while also creating a chance to improve health and wellbeing. Thus, Jeffrey shared his brilliant idea to start a Touch Footy Team.

“I knew we had a lot of talented footy players that would be eager to play. I approached our TRACQS General Manager about a potential touch football team in Kuranda and was thrilled to get approval for TRACQS to sponsor shirts for the team as well as paying the registration for the players,” said Jeffrey .

And so, the team, ‘Makin TRACQS’ was formed!

Invented in Australia, Touch Football has been a formally recognised sport for more than 50 years. A variation of Rugby League, touch footy replaces the tackling of opposing players, with a simple touch to create a limited-contact version of the much-loved game of rugby.

Touch is played by both sexes, and ranges in age divisions from primary school children, all the way up to mature adults. The mixed division, in particular, is popular with social players.

Already, the ‘Makin TRACQS’ team is shaking up the competition, with many of the clubs and coaches in the fixture sharing that they’re surprised and impressed with our team’s performance. On one occasion, we were asked, “where did you get your players from, they’re just so fast!”

Joining our team are many like-minded and enthusiastic people, including five young and talented participants from our services for the Community Development Program (CDP)!

Also getting into the fun of touch footy is TRACQS Administration Assistant, Melena, who recently joined the team and is rising to the challenge, having been a former netball star.

Being a part of the team, Melena is now working and playing with some of our talented participants, which Melena notes is an uplifting experience, as she witnesses the possibilities for our young players to experience the joys of teamwork and sport.

We’re incredibly proud of our athletic and speedy TRACQS team, and we can’t wait to continue cheering them on as they dominate the competition!