Frogs Restaurant owner, Terence, standing at the register of Frogs Restaurant and Catering
Frogs Restaurant and Catering owner, Terence.

Terence, owner of Frogs Restaurant and Catering since 1980, is big on providing quality service. It’s what makes his business such a success. So, when it comes to hiring staff, Terence is sure to hire candidates that model his work ethic, and values.  

Wanting to partner with a local organisation that would be equipped with knowledge of local jobseekers, Terence came to us at TRACQS, employing five of our participants in the last ten months.   

Building a relationship with Terence and having an in-depth understanding of his vision for Frogs Restaurant and Catering, we approached Terence with two candidates that had been out of the workforce for some time.   

Having confidence in our recommendation and trust in our judgment, Terence happily interviewed both jobseekers.   

“I’m always happy to be a bit flexible for the right candidate because I want my staff to be flexible for my business.   

“Both Jobseekers have worked out very well, and it’s just one example of why I keep using TRACQS for my staffing needs. They know what works for Frogs Restaurant because they understand our business,” said Terence.

As a part of our services for the Community Development Program (CDP), our participants receive our Post Placement Support (PPS) for 26 weeks. As a part of those services, we’re able to be alongside them as they embark on their employment journey. Not only does this help our participants, but it also assists the employer and their business.   

“In particular, it is gratifying to see so much effort afforded to our large Indigenous community by TRACQS in introducing potential employees to me at Frogs, and then the follow-up support that is so important.”

Although times have been challenging for the hospitality industry as a result of COVID-19, Terence has continued to provide takeaway services for locals. He has kept his staff on by creating flexible rosters, applying for Jobkeeper Payment and adhering to the advice from the government and health authorities.   

From the team at TRACQS, we wish the team at Frogs Restaurant and Catering continued success, and we look forward to continuing to work with Terence well into the future.   

About the Community Development Program (CDP)

TRACQS is bringing local experience and knowledge to deliver the Community Development Program (CDP) proudly supported by the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA)

CDP is an employment program for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in regional, rural and remote Australia to achieve sustainable employment outcomes by strengthening skills, addressing barriers and contributing to their communities through a range of flexible work-like activities.