TRACQS is a newly-formed and majority-owned Indigenous Community Development Program provider that commences operations across the Western Tablelands region of Far North Queensland from July 1, 2019.

It brings together highly-experienced partners focused on delivering a first-class service and experience for participants and employers alike, based on community consultation to tailor services that are genuinely needed and wanted in the communities we operate in.

Our Ownership

Ngoonbi Community Services Indigenous Corporation is the largest employer of Indigenous people across the Western Tablelands region and has demonstrated experience in employing and placing Indigenous people into work. Ngoonbi is always striving to build the economic capacity of Indigenous people and has successfully delivered many CDP Activities over many years.

Visit the Ngoombi Community Services Indigenous Corporation website

Australian Training Works (ATW) and Australian Work Solutions (AWS) has a long history of employer and industry employment solutions as a Group Training Organisation and Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC) provider. They bring extensive local knowledge in creating training solutions for Indigenous people that leads to jobs.

Visit the Australian Training Works (ATW) Website

PeoplePlus Australia is a leading public service provider who delivers a range of frontline public services covering employment support. They serve over 15,000 customers annually and more than 1,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants. They bring well-established and effective operational systems for successful customer and employer engagement.

Visit the PeoplePlus Australia Website

Further Information

For further information on our range of services in your area, contact:

Phone: 1800 430 779