Part of our services includes delivering the Community Development Program (CDP), which allows our participants the opportunity to be a part of activity groups that involve community engagement and building employability skills.

Recently, our TRACQS Dimbulah Community First CDP Activity Group have been on a DIY blitz! The team have been working hard within the community to build and restore furniture that can then be reused for local initiatives and businesses.

TRACQS participant Martin, painting a Christmas Tree for the community.

Some of our TRACQS CDP participants teamed up with the Dimbulah Community Centre to build transportable table stands. The table stands were used on Melbourne Cup Day at Mutchilba Hall, and are intended to be used at local dry bars, which are bars that don’t serve alcohol.

The team at the Dimbulah Community Centre have said that the table stands have been extremely useful, and that they’ll continue to come in handy for years to come.

Additionally, old seats from the Kuranda Steam Trains were recently donated. Our TRACQS participants are working hard to give new life to the seats by converting them into storage boxes.

Some of the seats are also being restored to their former glory, thanks to our Community First Activity group collaborating with our Dimbulah Creative Industries CDP Activity Group. Overall, this has been a massive collaborative project and one that has been truly fulfilling for both Activity Groups involved.

And while our Dimbulah Community First Activity Group have been busy working on these projects, they’ve also been lending a helping hand at Dimbulah Kindergarten.

From left to right: Dimbulah Kindergarten employee Cristina, TRACQS CDP Supervisor Jason and CDP participant Issac.
Progress shot of the play bench.

Working alongside with TRACQS CDP Supervisor, Jason, our participants created an innovative play bench for the kids.

The bench was created using lawn mower wheels for easy movement, and astroturf on top for comfort.

Our participants will also be painting a new fence around the kindergarten, sanding and re-varnishing the pergola, re-pebbling the mud kitchen play area and constructing planter boxes for the children to create herb gardens.

Both the teachers and the children are thrilled with the new play bench, and are excited about all the new changes to come.

Our CDP participants have several projects lined up for the new year. One of those projects includes creating a support chair for Dimbulah High School. The chair will benefit the students greatly, as it will act as a safe space for students who might be going through a hard time.

The ability to create something and see it benefit others has done amazing things for the Dimbulah Community First Activity Group. Everyone has learnt new skills, specifically relating to teamwork and organisation.

However, the most valuable aspect this activity has provided our participants is a sense of pride from giving back and supporting their community.

The word is out, TRACQS activity puts Dimbulah Community First!

Further Information

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