Over the last two years, the Makin’ TRACQS mixed touch football team has actively participated in the seasonal touch football competition at Aeroglen, Cairns. This team consists of TRACQS staff, CDP participants  and community members who enjoy some time together over a game of touch football.  

The team enjoy the game as it’s fun, social, and inclusive – age is no barrier for this group. These games offer everyone involved an opportunity to represent TRACQS and their community proudly.   

The team has been close to reaching the grand final many times, narrowly missing out at the semi-finals. But their natural talent and impressive skills wouldn’t let them give up on the game.  

“The Makin’ TRACQS team is a great way to showcase health and wellbeing through community engagement and playing strongly together. The team has worked so hard all season; we got this.”

– Grace, TRACQS Indigenous Liaison Officer and Makin’ TRACQS player.

This season, Makin’ TRACQS has remained number one on the competition ladder, a tough team to go up against. The semi-finals were held on the 23rd of November, where Makin’ TRACQS went head-to-head with another Kuranda Indigenous team, showing true determination, speed and energy in every second of the game. The game ended in Makin’ TRACQS’s favour, with a winning score of 8-4.  

This all meant one thing: Makin’ TRACQS’ were on their way to the Mixed Social Competition grand final.  

Kuranda Community member Carl, owner of Wotta Bout Fish n Chips, spoke about his son’s experience joining the game.

“My son Leon has been playing touch footy for Makin’ TRACQS for almost three years now, and I have never missed a single game being played. Over those years, I’ve watched young and old players – up to 49 years of age, girls and boys, all bond as a team.

I’ve seen shy and non-confident players join, and in time, I’ve watched them change. They build confidence within themselves, gain social skills and come out of their shells. My son is the only non-Indigenous player on the team, and he gets treated the same as all the players.

This team proves that sport can bring the community together.”

– Carl, Kuranda Community member and family of Makin’ TRACQS player.

The Makin’ TRACQS team hoped to make Carl, TRACQS and the community proud with a win in the finals. And that’s exactly what they did.  

The final game was held on the 30th of November, and a cheer squad of TRACQS office staff, families and members of the community turned up in support of the team. With a dedicated crowd behind them, Makin’ TRACQS put on a show and took home the win with an epic score of 9-8.  

Congratulations to Makin’ TRACQS on a well-deserved win!