Kuranda local Drayden came to TRACQS through the Community Development Program (CDP) in February 2022. His dream was to find work that suited his interest in sports and active living, and was looking for an opportunity to share this passion with his community. 

Drayden was referred to an employment opportunity through the Trialling Pathways to Real Jobs, which recently moved into the Community Projects Initiative. Through these initiatives, TRACQS participants are connected with local employers to open the doors to paid employment, training, and skill development opportunities available to them. 

The TRACQS team, in consultation with Ngoonbi Community Services Indigenous Corporation, found an opportunity for a Sports and Recreation Officer to join their team. This was the role Drayden had been waiting for, so TRACQS arranged for him to interview with Ngoonbi, which proved successful. In March 2023, Drayden started his new role as Sports and Recreation Officer for Ngoonbi Community Services Indigenous Corporation in March 2023, and is now coming up to six months in employment. 

In his new role, Drayden connects with a wide range of age groups to encourage an active lifestyle. When he is working in the community, Drayden runs multi-sports during lunch hours at Kuranda District State College, afternoon school sports, the planning and delivery of school holiday programs, cultural programs, touch football, and Men’s Group. Behind the scenes, he also assists his team with data collation, planning, report writing and flyer development for current and upcoming programs, and prepares and delivers active programs and community events. 

As part of his role, Drayden needed several certificates to meet the role’s requirements and promote a safe environment. Drayden underwent the Royal Lifeguard Accreditation, CPR training and First Aid Training, as well as the Deadly Thinking and Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid Training. He passed all courses with excellence, giving him a whole new skill set to use. 

“Drayden’s youth, athleticism and connection to community has been an asset.”

– Ngoonbi Community Services Indigenous Corporation.

Drayden is committed to promoting active, healthy lifestyles to those around him, and this message has been received positively by the youth and broader community that have attended his activities. 

Drayden shared that he is learning new skills every day and that being employed has been helpful, and he enjoys working with his Ngoonbi team to achieve positive and successful outcomes within his community. 

We wish Drayden all the best as he continues to support his community in adopting active lifestyles.